Nashville, TN Headshots

Headshots are a large part of my buisness. I do head shots for models, actors, musicians, and businesses.

Nashville, TN Headshots

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Headshots are a large part of my business.
I do head shots for models, actors, musicians, and
businesses on a regular basis.

WHEN & WHERE: I generally do headshots days once a
month at my studio in Downtown Nashville, typically on a Saturday morning.
If you need a headshot in a rush that is not on one of
my scheduled headshot days I can accommodate you but the charge is
slightly higher than on headshot days.

MAKE-UP, HAIR, ETC.: On headshot days I also have a
makeup artist present and a photo assistant. If you use the make up
artist there is a fee of $100-$150.

THE LOOK: When you come for a headshot there are a variety of background options available in the
studio and we also have various colors of seamless paper. A typical
headshot session will consist of 1 look (shirt/background) and I will
take anywhere from 100-150 photos of you in different poses. With the
typical one look headshot you will get to select one photo to have
retouched at the included price.

ADDITIONAL LOOKS: I also provide 2 and 3 look head
shots (2-3 changes of clothes/background). With the 2 and 3 look head
shots you get one photo retouched per look.

GETTING YOUR IMAGE: After your session I will
upload the files to my computer and burn you a disk of sample size
images (800px long edge 72dpi) to use as proofs. After you have viewed
the images you will e-mail me the file number of the photo that you
want to have retouched. The retouched files will be sized to your specs.

I also offer cooperate discounts for larger groups and companies.

Please call or e-mail me for rates and availability.


  1. Nick: Amber Williams Chapman recommended you to me as someone who mgiht could help my medical company with headshots for our website. We have 6-10 people that need them done currently and probably a few every few months after that. Can you give me details on costs, turn around time and doing them other than on a Saturday? Thanks in advance. Steven Scesa 312-371-5297

    Steven Scesa / 20 Jun 2011 / 10:02 am

    • Steven, I will give you a call sometime today to discuss details. Nick

      admin / 20 Jun 2011 / 10:30 am