About Nashville Commercial Photographer Nick Bumgardner

Nick Bumgardner

Commercial food and beverage photographer with formidable product photography skills who takes a mean headshot as well. I'm Nick Bumgardner. I bring eleven years of experience to the table. I work with advertising agencies, pr firms, restaurants, brands, and Fortune 500 Companies to create compelling visual imagery. I started my career working in photojournalism and quickly moved into the commercial photography world. For three years I worked for Saks 5th Avenue as a Staff Photographer. For the last two years, I have focused heavily on food and beverage photography. I have photographed over 180 restaurants and over 200 recipes in the last few years plus over 35 magazine articles and 5 magazine covers. I am currently available for freelance assignments across the southeast and the world.

I also work as an educator and consultant. For the last two years, I have taught classes on Food Photography and Lightroom for Nossi College of Art. I have an online learning course on Adobe Lightroom coming out soon. I also serve as a consultant for the e-commerce industry and help brands build out photo studios that are efficient and create great content. I have recently started teaching workshops.

Nick is a partner in Seamless Matter a large scale food and product photography business.

Fun Stuff About Nick

So now that we have my bio out of the way lets get to the fun stuff.

Favorite Food? Ice Cream- more specifically homemade bourbon vanilla. This stuff is seriously tasty.

What do you do on the weekends? Hang out with my family and cook. 

Who I want to work with? Awesome people and brands. Restaurants, breweries, distilleries, advertising agencies, marketers and people who just love food. Small mom and pops that have killer products, startups that have a fire and passion for creating compelling new products. Companies looking for remarkable images of their teams working together. I want to work with household brands to be part of creating an outstanding visual campaign.

What makes me different? I want to know about your brand! I want to know what makes you and your product special. I crave to highlight what makes your brand awesome. I want to create compelling images that define brands.


Clients include: ABC/Disney, Adams Swann, Anheuser-Busch, Angel's Envy, Michter’s Distillery, AO Smith, Astute Communications, TGI Fridays, Big Shoulders, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Bridgestone NA, Danker and Danker PR, Dillard's, Dr. Axe: Food Is Medicine, Fletcher Rowley, Fletcher Ridge, GS&F, Counter Point Messaging, Industrial Strength Marketing, MMA Creative, Fox Fuel Creative, First Farmers Bank, HCA, Saint Thomas,  Daywind Records, TJ Maxx, Uber Eats, Parthenon Publishing, Murfreesboro Magazine, Native Nashville, Nashville Lifestyles, Nashville Arts Magazine, The Tennessean, Tennessee Craft Beer Magazine, Radio Ink, Credit Union Times, Journal Communications, EO Nashville, Saks 5th Avenue, Belmont University, Vanderbilt University, VF Imageware, Kansas City BBQ Association and many others.





Services Offered

Beverage Photography

Beverages are one of my favorite items to photograph. Each beverage presents a unique set of challenges. From choosing the proper glass and refreshment cues to using the best angle to make your beverage really shine. Beverage photography is a highly specialized area of photography. I have a range of clients from bourbon and whiskey brands to magazines.

Food Photography

I have been working as a food photographer for the last three years. Food photography is about bringing the narrative of your food to life. I believe that great food photography images help sell food. I serve a variety of clients including chain restaurants, food brokers, and magazines. Food photography began as a passion project. I love to cook and I bring that to the table.

Product Photography

Product photography has been my passions for the last 5 years. I love bringing your unique products to life with a unique narrative vision. Great product photography images help sell your product. Clients need a clear vision of what your product looks like in their life.

Headshot Photography

I have been photographing headshots for the last 11 years. If your team needs just one headshot or if your company needs hundreds of headshots we can make it happen. With a list of freelance hair/makeup artist and wardrobe stylist, we can take your headshot to the next level.

Photography Consulting

I offer photographic consulting services to the e-commerce industry. If you need to make your team more efficient or if you are looking for ways to have more consistent imagery I can help you out.

E-Commerce Photography

I started my e-commerce career over 5 years ago. I worked as an in house photographer for a major retailer. I focused my e-commerce efforts on difficult to photograph items including jewelry, and reflective objects. I helped my team develop a standardized approach to e-commerce photography which yielded greater efficiency and better-looking consistency.

For booking and press inquiries, please contact Nick Bumgardner @ 615-752-0158 nick@bumgardnerphoto.com or use the form below.

What Clients are saying!

I own a digital marketing agency and we hired Nick for a food photography shoot for a client. We were blown away! He did an incredible job, and made us look good in the process. I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend. If you need photos, do yourself a favor and hire him!
— Anna Stout, Astute Creative
Nick is a true professional to work with. He listened to our requests and implemented them perfectly. He did exactly what he said he would when he said he would, which is rare these days. You can tell he really cares about his work and is personally invested in each shot he takes. We’ll definitely be working with him again.
— Andrew Lynch, Jackson Wayne Leather
Nick is fabulous to work with. We hired him to take corporate and environmental headshots, and we were thrilled with the end result. While people tend to stiffen in front of the camera, Nick puts clients at ease with his personable and friendly demeanor, which came across in the headshots. Booking and communication was efficient and easy. I’d recommend Nick for any corporate or professional photography need!
— Megan McConnell, MPF
Even though Nashville is teeming with photographers, it can be hard to find one to consistently deliver a quality product. Nick delivers each and every time. He’s a tremendous resource for agencies, musicians, weddings and everything in between. Hire him.
— Michael Hutzel, Fox Fuel
Nick has done great photography for us on a variety of projects. I highly recommend him to you.
— Bill Fletcher, Fletcher Ridge