How I Got The Shot with Paul C Buff and Tether Tools Kit

Hey there! Thanks for reading my article on Tether tools or watching the video on the Paul C Buff YouTube channel! Here is a list of all of the equipment that I used for this photoshoot!

I hope you all enjoy looking at the kit that I used for this shoot with Paul C Buff and Tether Tools. I had an awesome time with the Paul C Buff team creating this content! If you have any tips or tricks for product photography feel free to share them in the comments. Do you have a favorite Paul C Buff light or modifier tell me about it in the comments!

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The Native Magazine Cocktail of the Month is one of my favorite regular gigs that I get to photograph. Native is always sending me to cool bars and restaurants to shoot these cocktails. I get to meet some pretty cool people along the way and take some pretty awesome pictures. So lets dive into this cocktail. This is the Cherries Etc. which was made by and styled by Nick Dolan the Head Bartender of The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club. It features Lustau Brandy, Cappelletti red bitters, lemon stock, Maurin Quina, absinthe, Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters, and 3 fresh Cherries. To see the recipe in full be sure to pick up the magazine! Keep reading to see how I created this beautiful cocktail photo.

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Today I photographed the July Cocktail of the Month for Native Magazine at Kuchina and Keller, but the cocktail is actually from Chopper Tiki, which will be opening soon. I'm super excited for Chopper Tiki to open because Nashville needs a good Tiki bar. Omni Hut in Smyrna is awesome, but its BYOB. Check out this behind the scenes video to see how I created a beautiful cocktail image for an editorial shoot.

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Food Photograhy Gear

I get a ton of emails and direct messages on Facebook and Instagram asking what gear I use. I also occasionally have clients ask me for an equipment list. So for everyone that has been asking here is a pretty good overview of the equipment I use for food photography. You can click where it says Food Photography Kit and be redirected to com where you can read details about each piece of equipment that I use.

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