Murfreesboro Magazine Burger Issue 2018

Murfreesboro Magazine Burger Issue 2018


I got asked to do the cover photography for the Murfreesboro Magazine Burger Issue again this year. This is one of my favorite editorials that I get to shoot. The magazine sends me to some incredible burger places in the Murfreesboro, TN area. This year I went to Goodness Gracious at the Mill, Burger Republic, and BurgerIm. I had a fantastic time doing burger photography at all three restaurants. Keep Reading to check out the tear sheets and see behind the scenes.

Burger Republic

Burger Republic has long been one of my favorite burger restaurants in Nashville. I lived in Lenox Village when they opened the first location. It was about the length of a football field from my condo to Burger Republic. Needless to say I ate a Burger Republic a lot. They have amazing burgers, a great beer selection on tap, and some of the best shakes that you can get anywhere. I’m a huge fan of the Nutella shake. I was really excited when I was asked to photograph the Murfreesboro location. Take a quick look behind the scenes in the video below.

I hope you have a good time checking out the behind the scenes video. Now its time for what we have all been waiting for the burger photos! I hope you are hungry! The magazine ran this awesome Tennessee burger as a double page spread.


Goodness Gracious at the Mill

I discovered Goodness Gracious at the Mill last year when Murfreesboro Magazine sent me on an assignment to photograph the cover of the Hometown Favorites issue. I had a great time working with them on that assignment. This year for the Battle of the Burger issue they brought their A game. They served up an absolutely phenomenal burger. This burger features coleslaw, pimento cheese, and bacon! It is all of the good things in live on a hamburger bun. I think I can still taste this burger though the screen. If only computer screens were scratch and sniff. Take a quick behind the scenes tour of this shoot.

Now that we have gone behind the scenes lets look at the final photo!



BurgerIm is a pretty recent franchise concept. They do some killer burgers that are kind of in-between a slider and a traditional burger in size. They have an amazing menu with thousands of combinations. The great thing about BurgerIm is that you don’t have to choose just one burger you can try several in one sitting and not feel bad for doing it.

Check out the final images below! I was lucky enough that this delicious burger made the cover of the magazine!

Wrapping it up

I hope you had a great time reading this blog post. Hopefully you picked up a few things about some of the best places to eat a burger in Murfreesboro and maybe a few photography tips and tricks as well.

What are your favorite burger places in Murfreesboro? Do you have any tips or tricks for photographing burgers? Let me know below!

Nick Bumgardner is a food photographer based out of Nashville, TN.