Carl Spies Product Photography

Growing up as an only child could be pretty boring. I got really good at making friends at a young age. But for those time where I did not have friends around I spent a lot of time playing board games with my parents. I played a lot of Monopoly, Risk, and Battleship. When I was growing up I always tried to play board games in the car, but it really just never worked out. Recently I was introduced to the best car game ever Carl Spies. It is like a modern twist on Eye Spy and the cards in the deck are really well designed and just flat out awesome. I did some product photography on white for the Carl Spies e-commerce website. Check it out!

When it comes time for e-commerce product photography the key is to keep things simple. The customer wants to see the image clearly on a white background with as many views of the product as possible. So that is exactly what we did hear. After working in house for a major retailer doing e-commerce for three years I have my e-commerce styling and lighting down to a science.

Let me and my team bring your e-commerce photography to the next level. When you are ready to up your e-commerce game let’s start a conversation, send me an e-mail and let’s talk about it. If you have 1 item or 1,000 items I have an e-commerce solution to fit your needs.

Nick Bumgardner is an e-commerce photographer based out of Nashville, TN.